Romania 2019: Rodnei Skyrace, Borsa MM

Rodnei Skyrace 2019

Last year I ran this race for my birtday: 26k on the last day of 26 years old. And because of that, I wanted to skip it this year.

Then on second thought…I told myself “why not?” , therefore I signd up for the shorter course this time: 17 km with 1200m climb


The first km starts with a slow descent, but shortly, the climbing hell waits for those who are untrained. I swear I did’t understand what was that! My mind was so confused: did I do this before?? Me?? Am I sure?? I did the same thing last year, and it was ok, I enjoyed it?? I do this constantly? I run trails since 2014?? And if so…WHY I DO THIS? :))) All I could hear in my head was: Stop and lay on the grass,Denisa! Jump away from the track and get like 30 min of sleep! Right here!

Rodney Skyrace is definately not an easy one. You need to be prepared in order to enjoy the most of the track. Somehow, everytime, I manage to feel good at the end of each race, even if I’m not ripped enough and not too happy about my results. And in the end I think all that matters, is to understand at the finish line the reason why you still do this totally not comfortable but amazing thing.

(Not sure what that reason is? Is the thing that makes you feel strong and realize your body can go so much further than you think. That you are greater than the desire to ly on the grass and just sleep )

Best watermelon ever

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