Welcome, running lovers! Yes, this is another running blog.

And why would you read it?

It has nothing but cool experiences from around the world and around my country that i gathered through the years.

Nothing but pure and genuine emotions that I express after each run I complete.

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Romania 2019: Vladeasa Winter Trail, 24.02

Here it is! The race with the “Frozen Heaven” I was writing about last year. The race where usually is so cold, that can make your ankles look like a frozen chicken (true story, my story, last year, when I forgot to brong long socks, etc. Read about it here: https://runtheworld.blog/2018/03/06/romania-2018-vladeasa-winter-trail-25-02/) And because I have learned my lesson … Continue reading Romania 2019: Vladeasa Winter Trail, 24.02

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