Romania 2019: Maraton Apuseni, MSG Systems, 25.05

This was my third time running at the Mataton Apuseni and the first time I get to write about it. The first ones were in 2015-2016, those good old times where I had more time to train, not writing on blogs 😀

Since that first time, it became one of my favourite races in Romania:

  • Really strong organizing skills (everybody can confirm that)
  • Fair registration prices and more than resonable starting package
  • Moderate effort running course, which means you can enjoy the alluring landscapes without really dieing (unless you strive to set a record or you are crazy enough to sign up for ultramarathon)
  • Many options at the alimentation points, you can even stay for a picnic if you don’t care about the finish time 😀
  • All from above, there are lots of people coming, which means you get the chance to meet with “long-no-seen” friends

I don’t know about the longer courses, but at the half marathon , boredom is out of the question: you have a big climb, soon after you have a big descent (careful not to break your ankles), you have puddles and mud even when is not raining, you have food to recharge, yiu have people cheering…. I say this is a race that should be on your list.

And let’s not forget about the Gulas waiting for us at the finish line (actually we are waiting for it, since it is being served only after 4 pm)

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