Romania 2021: Rodnei Sky Race, 3 July

Is my third time participating this race. First time, 2018 for the long course – 26k, second time 2019 for the shorter course – 16k and this year, even though I felt brave enough and signed for the long one again, the weather as so bad that officially they had to cancel the 26k and move everybody to the shorter one.

It was great actually, because of my spraint ankle I was about to change my course anyways 🙂

Also the plan was to take my beloved boyfriend to run with me for the first time, but he backed off and nobody can blame him 😀 The rain was ruining all the mood, especially if you only go for the view…

In the end it was kind of fun. Muddy fun. The rain slowed down once we started climbing so it didn’t actually ruined the race mood. The view was amazing, with fog – flowers – fresh humid air = the holly trinity of a good run

Happy it ended up great for my poor ankle 🙂

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