Romania 2018: Rodnei Skyrace, 21st July (Maramures county)

Do you know the  “running your age on your birthday” cliche?

Well, I unintentionally almost did it. I ran the age I had one day before my birthday. Or like normal people would explain it: I ran 26k on my last day at 26.

Coincidence: Rodnei Skyrace took place this year on 21st of July and because I had no better plan for my birthday, I decided to spend the weekend like that.

Conclusion: GREAT IDEA

There are 3 courses, 7, 17 or 26k. Not because I always sign up for the longest, but because I feel great running around 20-30k, I signed up for “Puzdrelor course”, the 26k one. It was my first time there. That was another reason to be excited about: checking out new views ❤




Yes the track was amazing, but you know what was more amazing? Looking up to the sky and actually seeing the mountain. Yep, was THAT high. I know they call it a “sky race” for a reason, but damn there was a lot to climb.

The higher I got, not the fatigue had risen, but the happiness of finding blueberries 😀

I wanted to go faster, but at the same time I wanted to enjoy the fruit and nature. That will always be a conflict for me… but until I decide to run for the podium, I choose to waste some time for my own comfort. Not to mention the alimentation points, where they had an amazing watermelon nobody could resist…………………..

I am one of thse people who would climb 2 times something, rather that descending it. It’s like in life, I only like going up. Going down is killing me. But bottom line, Rodnei Skyrace gave me a nice weekend among friends and nature, mostly all I wanted for my last day at 26.

Thank you Rodnei Mountains! I had fun, even though my knees bag to differ.

Look how proud I came back, carrying my trekking sticks, like some kind of trophy:


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