Romania 2021: Faget Winter Race Virtual, January 16th

First race of the year! Aaand the first virtual race I ever signed up for.

Since the pandemic started, I kind of fell off the radar with the races. This kind of “competition” is not really to my liking, so I skipped all the virtual runs. I always thought it’s going to be over soon and I can get back in the real business.

Oh well, I gave up my deamons on January 15th, one day before the race. When I saw the “wintery” pictures with the course, it convinced me. There was no reason for me to stay home! I signed up for the next day for the 7k. The 15k was 2x7k , but I don’t like going twice the same road..

It felt so good, even though it’s creepy to hit start with nobody else around. Just me and a friend. Everything else I enjoyed pretty much. With volunteers pointing runners to the right course, photographers and water/cookies at the end.

And because I am not used to virtual runs, I almost forgot to upload my activity on the website. The only way you can prove you were actually there….:D Because guess what.. there is no tracking chip on my race number. Not even a number! I realized that 24h after, still on time.

I didn’t check the results. I’m not in shape anymore to even dare to dream to be on a podium. Not even a virtual one. For me, all this pandemic break from events made me weak and lazy. And I’m not proud of myself at all. But I now choose to adapt and embrace the virtual runs also :))

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