Romania 2020: Smida Trail 16.08

Damn, it’s August. And just now I had my first race :)) I have never participated at Smida Trail, even though I did some other races in Apuseni mountains.

With this virus madness I realized for real that I’m not motivated to run, unless I have a race to prepare for. It’s so easy to lose your motivation and your training and I’m not proud of myself.

I signed in for the shorter race, 12km because I wasn’t sure how I would feel running 23km without training. Or honestly..I was too lazy to run 23km, so I fooled myself I need an easy start.. (shame!)

Oh but guess what: it went so great! I felt rested and full of energy, finishing in 1h8min, of 5th place overall an 2nd place age based. I actually felt sorry for not being adventurous enough to compete at the longer one. But considering all the restrictions we have right now – regarding the events- I wasn’t even sure how it was going to be like and if I will be able to enjoy it like normal. The start was every 10 seconds, in groups of 10 runners. Wasn’t that bad as I imagined.

Even though it was raining, it was a lovely sunday. With beer. And Gulas.

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