Romania 2021: Vladeasa Winter Trail, 21 feb

Oh, the holly race! The one that used to be a freezing hell..

But of course nothing is normal nowadays anymore so it’s only logical for Vladeasa Winter Race to be 110% sunny and extra 30 degrees celsius compared to past editions.

See 2018 edition

See 2019 edition

I tried to learn from my past mistakes and put on extra layers and bring warmer shoes. Even though I saw the weather looking good, the fear was still in my head and it didn’t let me throw away at least the jacket. Fear combined with laziness..

Such a bad decision.. 😦

I started the race with 3 layers and a jacket for the top and 2 layers for the pants. And the worst: Hinking shoes – made for protecting my feet from the freezing snow and NOT made for running. I thought it’s better. It wasn’t..

So there I was, running at my best. 10 minutes later, my right foot started to blister. And my body to sweat. I had to stop and take off my jacket and tie it to my waist. At some point I felt like a donkey carrying my whole wardrobe…

I think it was the first time this race had such a beautiful weather. I enjoyed every ray of sun. I even got tanned . People were running top naked. It really was something unusual, especially because I finished almost one hour earlier than the other 2 times. Even got 3rd place aged based. Indeed the race was a lot easier with this weather conditions.

When I reached the Vladeasa peak I felt almost fresh. Ready for the PALINKA (that magical plum alcoholic potion) and ready to head back to the finish line (check the video)

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