Mexico 2019: Cancun Rock N Roll Marathon & 1/2 marathon, 07 December

How I got to the race:

Temporary moving and working in Florida comes with a huge plus for European runners: the oportunity to travel to awesome places for a small price, like Mexico for exemple.

With a quick google search of nearby races, I came across the Cancun Marathon and Halfmarathon. I checked the flight, was 200$ both ways, accomodation 90$ for 4 nights. Perfect!

*actually there were 2 races at the same time and I actually started thinking if to go to the traditional Cancun Marathon or the Rock N Roll series. Found out later that they merged, and I would run 2 races in one.

Solo trip to Cancun

Well, the initial plan was to go there with a friend. She didn’t get the days off, so I had to choose between going alone or not go at all. But when is about a race in a very special location, I do whatever it takes. Solo trip it is!

I had to find somebody to pick up the race kit for me, since my plane won’t land in time for that. (landed 12:30, kits pick up until 13, race at 17:30). Mexicans turned out to be very helpful people. I posted on the event group (Facebook) that I need help and in about 5 minutes I had my answer. A help that turned out to be my “fun trip maker”. That was how I met a group of runners, with whom I’ve spent 2 days there, at the race and on a boat trip to Isla Mujeres. Too bad they had to leave after that..

Race day

The race was in the same day I landed to Cancun. My new friends that I mentioned above, picked me up from the airport ❤ and my race kit was already picked up. Was like I signed up for ultra all inclusive 🙂

I arrived to my Airbnb apartment around 2pm (in the center of Cancun, not in the touristic zone) but I couldn’t just stay and rest for the race until 5, so I arranged all my running equipment and went to eat something mexican in one of the famous markets.

5:00 PM I was heading to the start line together with my people, but not before taking an awesome group photo!

There were 5000 people, music, joy.. My plan was to finish in a regular time, around 2 hours and enjoy the scenary. But who would have thought that because:

  1. I forgot my proper running shoes and ran in 10$ ones
  2. There was heat and high humidity
  3. I had no training in the past 3 months

…I would end up running my slowest flat half marathon ever???????

Yeah, just kidding…actually makes a lot of sense it took me 2h:13min.. I don’t know how some people can run even without shoes and still set a record, or run in very cheap shoes because they can’t afford more..and still set a record…and me, after 10k in some random shoes, I started having all sorts of pain in the knee and hips. I actually had to power-walk the last 5km

I have a couple of regrets though.. one that

  1. I couldn’t record the half part of the race because it was too dark and my GoPro camera is not the best
  2. And that the course for the half marathon didn’t reach the ocean. It would have been the perfect race, running along the ocean while the sun was setting..

I did take a snapshot:

In the end, all that matters is that I had the chance to be there, running a half marathon that I wasn’t even imagining, planning or thinking I would. I had a great time along with the pain during the race, I made new friends in Mexico, I got 2 medals at the end (because there were 2 races in one) and added to the list my first Rock N Roll marathon series.

Oh, and we ended the day with some mexican rock concerts

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