Florida 2019: Frightening 4k, Vero Beach, 20.10

Introduction: getting to the start line

So I came back to Florida with a temporary working visa. I arrived on Thursday and we weren’t about to start working until Monday. That means a weekend off. And what happens on weekends? Exactly! RACES

I googled nearby races and so I found this one, 4 miles away from where I live. It was a Halloween themed 4k. I saw a Batman mask at Kmart and I thought: this can work perfectly with my Transylvania tshirt!

Since I have no training in this kind of weather anymore, I tried to run my way to the start line, 4 miles aka 7km as a warm up. It was a clouded day and I was happy that it was cooler outside. I started running, but after 23 steps away from home, rain was pouring from the sky like Niagara. Went back, waited for 5 minutes till the sun came out... (one must love Florida and it’s weather)…then I tried again.

For those 4 miles I was sweating like hell and with each step my energy was lowering down. It was a weird run, since the way was not pedestrians friendly and I had to run on the road most of the time…

As I was approaching the start zone, I could hear music and see the runners. I could smell the competition spirit. I took my race number and chip, had some water to rehydrate after my warm-up…and waited for the start while taking photos.

I knew they were giving medals only to the winners (overall and age groups also), which means I was planning to win at least at my age group.

At the race:

I started with a fast pace, but for each mile/km, I had to slow down. Was soo hot and humid and my lack of training for fast running was growing it’s way, that I only won the second place at my age group, with a 18m:57s time.

I got the awesome medal, I was happy!

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