Romania 2018: Faget Winter Race, 13th January

Some things change. And some don’t. Like me, running races. (And yes, I still pay for them. That will never change also)

This was the first race of the year 2018, 15km in Faget Forrest, Cluj-Napoca: smooth, white and pure ❤ … wait, what? I’m sorry, I meant muddy, wet and cold.

And pretty hard actually, after I was literally baking myself for weeks, in all kind of warm places, everywhere but outside training. During the cold season I find it hard to go out and run/train, so even this “kind of easy” trail race felt  exhausting. 

Nevertheless, it was enchanting, and snow made it more fun.

Oh, and bonus deal: thanks to the fact that there were not that many girls on my age group, I managed to get second place. (out of 10 girls or so) 

Yay 🙂






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