Romania 2021: MSG Maraton apuseni After almost 2 years signing up (before Corona), it finally happened: Apuseni Halfmarathon ! It was my third time, if I remember correctly. Only that this year, the course was on reverse, meaning we had to run straight and downhill 15km, which for me was quite boring. I vote for the "normal" way, but … Continue reading Romania 2021: MSG Maraton apuseni

Romania 2017: Harghita Trail Running This is a race I signed up for the first time. Usually during that weekend there are 3-4 other big races and this year I chose a new challenge: Harghita Trail Running. The race is on the holy mountain of the Szeklers (ro: secui), Harghita Madaras, a mind-clearing run for trail lovers, among eruptive … Continue reading Romania 2017: Harghita Trail Running