Romania 2022: Revolution Race, Bobalna, June 18-19th

The first time I wrote about this race was here:

This is the second edition, which had an extra touch: an obstacle race on Saturday, then Sunday the train run (5k, 10k, 21 and 42 km)

Even though is more than one hour drive to the location, I have chosen to go back and forth, because I’m not a camping fan.

Last year the race was held in October, with colorful leafs and a touch of cool wind, but now, 30C and no shadow, so I can say it felt like a different race. Even though the vibe was great, exactly like last year: good food, good beer, cool handcrafts.

Day 1: Obstacle Race

Saturday was not my lucky day :)) The course was 3 km run, then around 15 obstacles, a total of 5km. The start was in groups of 4 and I started out in the first group together with my Transylvania people. It was good until I manage to blindfully “skip” the left turn and kept running for an extra kilometer (then another one back). Obviously this made me angry and almost wanted to abandon. Then I remembered I was there just for the fun :))

(imagine the fun the other guys who followed me had.. I made like 8 others to run nowhere..oups!)

At the end, after being the last runner on track, somehow I passed a group of kids :)) (yay, not finishing last)

Obstacle races are not that big in Romania, compared to running, but surely is something fun and different that should (and will be) organized more often

Day 2: Trail run

Because I already did the halfmarathon here, I decide to go for the 10k this time. Feeling at my best while running, I managed to get there on 4th place, second for my age group 16-34yo. It was hot, but 80% of the race was in the forest, nice and cool.

Bottom line, it was a well spent weekend 🙂

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