Croatia 2021: Sljemenski marathon, July 18

I’m writting this one year later. Today is the “celebration” of my first spraint ankle, which was the moment when my running mania started to go down. I didn’t realize it then, since it was the first time something like that ever happened to me, but from there on I even stopped writing on this blog. Almost all the following races were a fail. A constant struggle to ignore my feet and pretend everything is ok. So my last concern was writting blogs….

Because I was planning a trip to Croatia, I googled for races on that weekend and I have found this one, 15k, perfect.

And it was perfect, all until the middle of the race, when I flu like a broken swan. I wanted to stop to get some chocolate at the eating point, but instead I just had water and resumed running. One minute later, BOOM! Too bad I didn’t catch it on camera… just a picture litteraly the second before:

The place where the magic happened

The weather was perfect for running though, not too hot, not quite raining, just a thin layer of fog. My pace was great, trying to keep up with the mighty croatians (pretty fast fellows). I actually enjoyed while it lasted. Here’s a medal for the crazyness:

Oh, and guess what.. another 2 months after this… I again felt indestructible and signed up for another race: Boom, third injury. Nothing saved me from physiotherapy from there on :))

Rough few months followed, feeling kind of depressed because both my ankles were out of business and I couldn’t run, even if I wanted to. But at this moment, one year later, I’m starting to feel better and actually ran a few more races without surprises.

P.S: you can read about the thirs ankle incident here:

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