Romania 2021: Revolution Race, Bobalna, oct 10th

As they say on the race page: “Revolution Race” is a trail run challenge hosted on the 1437 Bobalna Uprising Hill, in Cluj County, Romania, where, as history tells us, people fought for a better life and working conditions in the Middle Ages.
We try to revive the revolutionary spirit trough sports and promote freedom of thought, community spirit and a healthy way of life.

I’ve never been to that area, so this was a nice opportunity. There was also a market set up, selling honey, many types of cheese, handmade stuff and much more.. great way o spend some time (and money) 😀

The course was around the forrest. Autumn in Romania is perfect for being in a forrest, btw 🙂

I wasn’t feeling at my best, somehow I felt more tired than usual, so it took me longer than I expected to finish, 2:59h..

I was hoping for 2:30. Even while running, after the first 10km everything starting to seem endless.

Nevertheless, it was fun. A chance to spend more quiality time with different friends 🙂

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