Romania 2021: Baia Mare Half marathon, sept 26th

It’s been a long time since my last flat run.. not sure if it’s because I like trails more, or just because trails are being organized more often..also because during the pandemic most of the races got cancelled. even this one – should have taken place last year and they rescheduled for this day.

My personal record was lots of years ago, at Bucharest Half Marathon, 1:44h and I wasn’t able to top it ever since. My training apogee was back then, when my adult problems were inexistent :)) nowadays I became more lazy about running outside of a competition. I just run for the fun of a race, for that energy vibe that only hundreds of people next to me can offer me.

At this race, I managed to finish in 1:56h, still not bad for someone with 2 bad ankles and no training. I think the experience overtime still counts, even if you don’t train as much, you can still be in the first half finishers. Somehow I managed to get the 2nd place for my age group, so my ego was happy :))

It was nice to run again on the road and visit the city. I’ll keep in mind to register for more flat runs 🙂

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