Romania 2019: Corcova Trail Race

You may, or may not know this, but I’m a wine person. I love sipping a glass (2,3…) durind the evening. Puts my agitated soul into a relaxing mood. The only way to calm Denisa down, is to give her some wine 🙂

This is the holly race! The race where not only the water (at the hydration points) is turned into wine, but the whole event is like..made of wine :O

I’ve been thinking about this race from a long long time, but somehow I chose the “normal ones” before this fun run, as I like to call it. Because let’s face it…no one should sign up for this race with the podium first in mind. It is a fun run and you must wear a costume, be slow and tipsy! You should enjoy it until the last drop.

Hint: green, left side

” Located in the South-West of the country, in Mehedinti County, Corcova is considered a new vineyard for the today consumers, although it continues the tradition of producing quality wine, a practice that begun in this area hundreds of years ago. “

I almost didn’t make it, because I couldn’t find a ride there 2 days before the race. On the other hand, there’s a wise saying: that if you really wish for someting, you find ways to get it. So I managed to find myself a ride and made some new friends.

There’s a camping area next to the vineyard, therefore it’s a must to bring your tent and make it your home for 2 days in order to enjoy the full festival, because yes, you can call it a festival. After the race, among free and unlimited wine tasting, there are concerts and other activities.

The night before the race we (5 people) had 2-3 bottles of wine in our fresh installed homes. Great.

Next morning: still feeling great. Start line: feeling great still. 5 km later: error!! error!! Engine fail! Break needed! Insert wine!

As I ran surrounded by grapes, one sentence was stuck in my mind: You either run good, or you drink good! There is no other choice!

I chose drinking before running. I regret nothing! 🙂

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