Romania 2019: Wizzair Cluj-Napoca Marathon, 14.04

This race right here, was my first halfmarathon 4 years ago. It had another name, another sponsor, but more or less the same race, same course.
I remember finishing it in 2h, but enengy level -2 :)) it was hard and incredibly satisfying.
This year as the third time participating, second time as a pacer. I told you last year about all this and my pacer experience: click and refresh your memory here

This edition I felt more alive, ever since I arrived that morning to pick up my baloons. Meeting friends, wearing my scary Vader costume with pretty pink baloons on my back, taking photos, waiting for the magic start to happen… all this stuff contributes to the excitement of the race and the eagerness to start the damn run!

In all these pictures you can play a game: the romanian version of “Finging Waldo”: “Finding Denisa”

I’ve been to many big marathons, with thousands of people. I loved many of them. This one can easily be compared with the ones I enjoyed the most. Even though it has so many turns that one can lose it’s mind, the feelings and the whole atmosphere blows up your dopamine levels.

We, as runners, travel in so many places, just to run. Here there were also people from lots of countries and with some I had to chance to exchange a few words. They were all fascinated about the city and the marathon itself. That made me realize I’m so lucky to have a great international marathon in my city 🙂

The finish line is the magical place where everybody is a hero. Everytime I finish a race I feel like I’ve ran the olympics. So many “bravo!” and “you did so good” I head that I start believing I’m THAT great 😀

Plus, there’s beer and food at the finish line!

And friends 🙂

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