Romania 2017: Hit The Egg, Vatra Dornei, 1st July

Another trail run, this time climbing Suhard Mountains, all the way to the Ousorul  peak (The Egg Peak). Hit the Egg Challenge was on it’s 2nd edition, but was pretty good. No complains!

With lots of ups and downs, climbing a total of 1200m, it was fun, memorable, hard, exhausting and amazing.  Due to a heavy storm 2 days before the race, we had to run through fallen trees. But the good side is, hat made it more…adventurous. I also got lost at some point, trying to around some fallen trees. And So goodbye 10 minutes of my time! 😦

2017-07-052017-07-05 (2)

I love when I see Coca-Cola at the hydration point: I’m not a soda fan, but a cup of coke is always welcomed while running a half-marathon. Total refresh 😀 It almost makes me stop a few minutes and enjoy the drink and the views. 

OOOOH! And the watermelons!! I had to stop and eat half of one, because it was honestly the sweetest one I have ever tasted ❤

So when you have good treats at the hydration point, you better stop. Especially when you know you have a heavy climb ahead.

2k, from 8k to 10k was “The Egg” climb, with arond 800m altitude. Who cares how hard it is? Just turn around and see how thw world looks like from up there 🙂




On my last 3k I started to crash and somehow keep smiling and talking to myself. So I turned on my GoPro so I wouldn’t look crazy, at least to look like I’m talking for a reason. I also realized my knee was bleeding and that made me laugh.

Yep, crazy.




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