Florida 2017: Garden of Life Sun Run: 5K challenge Palm Beach- April 29

Today I made myself proud with a new personal record on 5 km: 21min:27sec. That is 2 minutes better than the last one from 4th of March. Yay 🙂 Training works.

And so, my 2017 Florida season brought me another surprise today: 1st place in my age category, 14th of 780 females and 22 overall, out of 1100 people.

When I first signed up, I tried to go for the Elite Group, but the spots were limited and let’s face it, I’m not really an “elite athlete”. So I didn’t qualify for that group. The prizez there were big: 3000$ for first place, 2000 and 1000 accordingly.

Oh well. Maybe next year for me, if I can run a 5k in 17 min. This year I’m happy with the 100$ that I won. And the awesome crystal plate saying 1st place 🙂

Garden of Life Sun Run 5k


Great! Now that I made that clear, let me tell you about this race:

This super race was along the famous Champion Golf Course, home of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic and it had a great view.  It was made by Gardens of Life (a RAW Whole Food Supplements Company) in order to raise money for Special Olympics Palm Beach County (Non-Profit Organization that provides sports training)

I enjoyed every second, I never ran on a Golf Course before, but let me tell you it’s heavenly!

For the first half of the race I felt so powerful that I courageously went with a 4:10 pace. I was surprised to be honest to see that the Force from the Star Wars Half Marathon was still with me and I didn’t feel like I’m going to throw up. But while I was thinking about this I started slowing down to 4:30/km, with the exhaustion knocking in the back of my head.

Still, I managed to pass so many people and finish strong.


It was a short race but the prizez and even the goody bag were “heavy”: for a 40$ registration fee you received 300$ worth of Garden of Life products, which seem to be pretty good.

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