Romania 2021: MSG Maraton apuseni After almost 2 years signing up (before Corona), it finally happened: Apuseni Halfmarathon ! It was my third time, if I remember correctly. Only that this year, the course was on reverse, meaning we had to run straight and downhill 15km, which for me was quite boring. I vote for the "normal" way, but … Continue reading Romania 2021: MSG Maraton apuseni

Romania 2018: 8th WizzAir Marathon Cluj-Napoca

Hey ya'll! How you doing? How's your training going? Mine not so good, I've been a little lazy. But I'll talk about that later. It was about time to add another road race, right? Too many trail runs lately, so this local international half marathon came in perfectly. So I put my Darth Vader costume … Continue reading Romania 2018: 8th WizzAir Marathon Cluj-Napoca