Romania 2020: Smida Trail 16.08

Damn, it’s August. And just now I had my first race :)) I have never participated at Smida Trail, even though I did some other races in Apuseni mountains. With this virus madness I realized for real that I’m not motivated to run, unless I have a race to prepare for. It's so easy to … Continue reading Romania 2020: Smida Trail 16.08

Romania 2019: Wizzair Cluj-Napoca Marathon, 14.04 This race right here, was my first halfmarathon 4 years ago. It had another name, another sponsor, but more or less the same race, same course. I remember finishing it in 2h, but enengy level -2 :)) it was hard and incredibly satisfying. This year as the third time participating, second time as a … Continue reading Romania 2019: Wizzair Cluj-Napoca Marathon, 14.04