Romania 2019: La Salina Trail Run & MTB, 12.10

Officially, this was my last race in Romania this year. USA here I come, hoping for a few spontaneous runs while I’m there ❤

Ever since I’ve heard (like 4 years ago) about that race where you can drink wine while running 15k, I knew I belonged to that thing. I’m talking about Corcova Trail Race, where I’ve been in August.

Well.. La Salina Trail Running & MTB is something similar: 7k, 15k of running or mountain biking, with a wine tasting in the start/finish area, a live cooking show with one hell of a chef cook (Adrian Hadean) and lots of joy. I knew I had to participate when I saw the event posted on Facebook.

The start:

The atmosphere was on fire! And no, not becuse of all the wine we had, we didn’t drink that much (just after the race)

Running through all the vineyard, through all those grapes, while thinking about that amazing food I was going to eat as a reward when I’m finished, made me start the run like the launch of a rocket. For the first 4 km… :)) I began to feel very dehydrated afterwards, because the sun was up like in the middle of the summer and also because, in order to kill my thirst, I shoved a glass of wine down my throath before the start.. (sooo goood though…)

Like I said, I was very thirsty during the run and there were no water points on the course. So the only smart thing to do was to eat lots of grapes.

But let me tell you, those aren’t just grapes. Those are HEAVEN GRAPES. I’m not a grapes fan, I rather have the wine that comes out with their help…but since the first piece, I was in shock: so sweet and crunchy! No surprise the wine is that good too.

The Finish:

With the heart in my hands and zero saliva, I was stepping closer to the finish line. After receiving my super medal, I had like 5 glasses of water, with a continuance of many more glasses of wine. All this, while waiting in line for the food. Btw, the line was huge, but I was lucky enough to be in front of the row 😀 I think it was my first time eating mutton chop. AMAZING ❤

Thank you Sport Management Events for the race! Myself, same as all the others, had fun. Will come again for sure.

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