Romania 2019: AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon, 06.10

I can start by saying I LOVE TE CITY I LIVE IN: is in the best part of the country (Transylvania), with beautiful buildings and also surrounded by forrests, with lots of activities happening every day….

And speaking of activities, here I am to talk about AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon, a race around the city center with a charity purpose and environment oriented: for each kilometer we run a tree is planted (15344 this year)

There are many options to sign in for: 7km, 10km, 21km, 21km relay (aka stafeta in romanian) and a kids race. And the course is the same for all, 3.5km each lap

I had a lot on my mind lately and I didn’t have time to focus on what races I want to run, so I almost skipped this one. But a few days before the event, I received a phone call with the invitation of being a pacer. (you know the same thing I did at WizzAir Cluj Napoca International Marathon , running with pink baloons at a constant pace, in order to guide the runners for a 2 hours half marathon )

A pacemaker (“peacemaker”) experience is a phenomenal thing to do. Is challenging, is fun, and even though I generally prefer to run by myself, in this case I love the fact that we are a small team of 3 people for each timeframe (there are pacemakers at 1:30h, 1:45h, 2h and so on) and we can act like crazy fools, without actually being a bunch of fools :))

Thank you guys for the invite at AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon. I’m going to say something sooo not original, but … Even if the weather was cold and full of clouds, our laughter and woooo-ing around, brought some sunshine into the race 🙂

Here is the proof:

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