Romania 2019: Semimaraton Intersport Brasov, 06.04

Officially, the first spring race this year!

After 3 winter trail runs and minus some degrees, spring has finally arrived in Brasov.

Semi Maratonul Brasovului 2019

It was sunny, there were flowers, even some traces of snow, but just enough to enhance the contrast. I think that’s why I felt so energized: I was missing nature and it’s colours. Sorry winter trail runs, you are great also, just not as much :))

The first time I ran here was 5 years ago, at the 10k course. Beginner mode. I remember it rained and the weather was dark and twisted, but I enjoyed every step. Apparently 5 years ago I wasn’t so weather sensitive… (legends say, the older you, the grumpier. I’m starting to believe it might be true)

Each year, the race support a social cause. Since 2017, it became a fundraiser for a dear runner who was fighting cancer. Sadly he died, so this year the race became a memoriam.

Bottom line, the race is not a difficult one. Around 700m climb in 20k. I tried to go as fast as I could, because my energy was high enough to take advantage of it. I came 42nd/217, 13th/66 age based.

Always happy to participate, feel that excitement around the events and also being in the first 20% 😀

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