Romania 2018: Bate Toaca Marathon, Ceahlau Vertical Race

This was about to be my first (almost) marathon, a 38k skyrace. Neither was planned to happen or pictured it would be like this, but there I was: with my brand new rain jacket and the recommended equipment, staring at the falling rain, after deciding to participate 3 days before.

That feeling when you get off your warm bed and stop in front of your hotel, thinking you have to do that one more step. That wasn’t raining, was pouring! By the time we arrived at the start line, even the jacket was starting to fail. 

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, child, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

There was no going back of course. Was I ready for 38k? Was I happy about the weather? Hell no. But I like torturing myself like this. Me and maybe 0.01% of the world population. 

Anyways, why complain so much? In the end is just rain. But with every km completed, I was less and less sure about me being able to complete the full race. By km 5, after some drastical climbing and mud swimming, there was no dry spot on my body. Fish could swim in my shoes. I was already sure: I’m switching to the half marathon. #FeelingRelieved.

Rain didn’t stop and near the Toaca Peak, temperature showed 2 degrees C. There was no way I wished I ran 38k. My hands and feet were freezing and I took a 20min break inside the Dochia Chalet to pun on dry clother I was carrying in my hydration pack (great summer in July, huh?)

And I think also the photographers froze by the time I got there. Because There are no pictures with me 😦 so I took some screen shots from my GoPro.


Indeed was a heck of a race. It’s an art to see the beauty in the ugliness. So call me an artist, because I enjoyed every second of this race. 20k in 4h:40min.

I was a little Stormtrooper: the main ground force of this Galactic Empire called Ceahlau Mountain

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