Romania 2018: Retezat Skyrace Intersport, Custura Peak version, 16th June

“It might be the same race, but the way you feel is slightly different. Still as beautiful, but different” I was saying in my previous article about this race (click here)

Between angels and insects again, this is my 4th time at Retezat Skyrace and I wanted to add some spices. I added the Custura climb, another 7k to the regular 21k I used to do years before. Was exactly like I described last year: beautiful but different. And longer. And harder. But perfect. 

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It felt like a dramatic novel, with a fairytale ending: rain at first, but the sun slowly showed up. Scared at first of how will I manage to finish, delighted and proud at the finish line .

Since I first heard of this race, Custura version looked like the monster from my fairy tale. I don’t know why I was always affraid of it, but I’m keenly grateful I did it. The monster was not at all scary, the monster was extraordinary. Indeed, almost 8h of physical activity is exhausting, but who cares about pain when you have those views and the perfect running partner? It’s like I can’t have enough, maybe that’s why I keep coming back to this race. 

Have you ever red a book twice? Or watched a TV show more than once? Because that is the feeling here. 

Image may contain: Cristian Dumitru and Denisa Luciana Surdu, people smiling, people standing, mountain, nature and outdoor

Image may contain: Denisa Luciana Surdu and Cristian Dumitru, people smiling, people standing, nature and outdoorCapture3Capture5Capture4


I’m not a great runner, I might  be too lazy for that. But I’m a great dreamer and enjoyer of life. I adore every race, even when I hate it. I never hated this one though.. it was great each time, just that this year was the best so far 🙂

If you are around Cheile Butii, take your time and visit the Maria Waterfall, just a few miles away. End your weekend with strenght, just like we did.

Image may contain: 7 people, including Cristian Dumitru, Denisa Luciana Surdu and Tatar Ciprian, people smiling, outdoor, nature and water


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