Romania 2018: Bichigiu Halfmarathon, 9th June

This is about a race I decided to join 2 days before. I had no plans for the weekend and I started googling races nearby. I found Bichigiu Halfmarathon in Bistrita, a fund rising race for a family, 2h away from Cluj. One post on facebook about a ride there and done. My weekend was all set: party all night Thursday and Friday night, then wake up Saturday at 6 AM and be at the race by 9.

(because lately I wear heels at night and adidas by day. a new balance in my life. not the american athletic company, just the balance itself) 

I was sleepy and tired, having no clue about how will I be able to run 21 k. A voice in the back of my head was saying there are just 17 actually. Luckily that was not my sleepy imagination, but a real voice coming from a real person next to me. 17k was a great number for me at that moment. But you know how running works? Triggers endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to morphine. There’s no more pain, no more tireness. And if I think deeper, I think what woke me up the most was a mud slide which lead to a pretty smooth fall 😀


Sometimes that dirty feeling gives you more energy. Once you felt and got dirt all over you, nothing else matters. You keep going no matter what. I always try to stay clean on a trail run and somehow I never learn that is impossible.


After  “dirtboarding” down the hills there was a 6k flat. And not just flat, but also a little downhill. I felt like flying… and then my headphones ran out of battery, I had no more music playing so I did the inevitable: started talking to people around me :))

*made new friends

34984469_1711644402217348_8796060874377789440_n35191342_1712567708791684_3646224846855077888_n35162261_1712568025458319_8969397362078253056_n35129637_1711644748883980_217898525743120384_nAt the end, 17k didn’t sound as good as before the start. I could have gone further. I felt good 🙂


Oh.. and another funny fact: I was 3rd place (age based, under 30 y.o)


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