Brasil 2018: Wings for Life Rio de Janeiro

Well look at that..I crossed the ocean again and ended up in Rio de Janeiro. HOW did that happen? Oh that’s right: I bought a plane ticket because I wanted to run the Wings for Life World Race on a different territory.  

P.S. This was last year, Florida:

Each time the month of May comes, flowers bloom. And my heart blooms also, because it’s that time of the year where I get to go to a new exiting place. Each year I choose to go to a place I’ve never been before, therefore, BRASIL


I have to admin it wasn’t an impecable organization of the race, not something majestuous like you’d see in Germany for exemple, even in Bucharest 4 years ago felt more impetuos. But hey, you look at those views and nothing else matters. Because you are there to run. To run for those who can’t. Not to drink free Red Bulls. Because they weren’t free 😀


The running experience

My lack of training had a word again: each year I wished I could run at least one step more than the last year. This year, I blew it. The heat and humidity kept me back.

Or let’s face it, it was mostly my laziness and lack of training. The first 10k went smoothly, but right after that I started to pray my legs to keep up for at least another 10k. After 1k I changed my mind and prayed for at least 8 more, not 10. At some point I wasn’t even sure I could get to a final 15k. No food on the way, just drinks, I was getting hungry. There, another excuse why I couldn’t run over 25k like last year 😀

But I did run 19 and I’m ok with that. I ran in Brasil, that was the dream 🙂




The great part of this kind of experiences is meeting new people. It doesn’t matter if you’ll never see them again, but in that moments they add more memories to your soul.



And because I’m a cheap woman, I did not buy the photos they made on the course. But I did print screened them and post them here. 

Enjoy and see you next time. Cheers!


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