Romania 2017: Harghita Trail Running

This is a race I signed up for the first time. Usually during that weekend there are 3-4 other big races and this year I chose a new challenge: Harghita Trail Running.

The race is on the holy mountain of the Szeklers (ro: secui), Harghita Madaras, a mind-clearing run for trail lovers, among eruptive cliffs and paths between coniferous plants and blackberries. Routes with exceptional landscapes lead us to the highest peaks of the Harghita Mountains, offering a magnificent view of the Southern Carpathians. (I keep waiting for the official photos, I’ll update soon)


I signed for the 15K cross and it felt like a recovery run, comparing to the last races I’ve been at (for exemple Romania 2017: Maraton Retezat, 5 august). It took me 2h to finish, which is not that demanding anymore even if I stay strong all the way, ever since I almost met Death while running for 9h at Retezat (24K there)

P.S: they had the best apples I’ve ever had in my life. I actually asked them if they added sugar on top, because I couldn’t believe how sweet and tasty those apples were. But no. All natural. Soooo good. Better than the excellent homemade chocolate next to the apples.


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