Romania 2017: Retezat Skyrace, 17th June

Honestly I don’t even know how to begin. So I will begin like this. Watch the video and you will see why.

If I had to choose between trail runs and flat runs, I think I will rather choose trails. Yes, not only is better for your knees, ankles and all the joints, but also for your eyes. And by eyes I mean the TERRIFYINGLY AWESOME views they can capture from the start line to the finish.

Running up to the clouds and stepping on bugs, “between angels and insects”, like Papa Roach once wrote in a song:

“There’s no money, there’s no possessions,
Only obsession, I don’t need that shit,
Take my money, take my obsession”

So I’m feeding my running obsession by paying a registration fee and run up in the mountains everytime I get the chance.

Being part pf the Retezat Skyrace is a gift I offer to my heart every middle of june since 2015. Some people call it a sadomasochist way of living the day. I agree. And I love it. I heard from the people who ran the CUSTURA 28km course, at the highest point – 2400m – it was raining ice and it hurt. Sounds great. Will try next year!(there’s a longer run too, consisting in one more climb around 1000m more in 5km)

*Note: some similar running experience is recommended


But here are a few peaceful pictures:


This pictures are the main reason I’m running this race. See the views???? Man, that’s breathtaking. Romania does good at this chapter: looking goooood.

The BUTA race is 1400m climb in a 23km course. (there’s also a 28km course available but I was not ready for that this year). Not the hardest in the worls of course, but for me kind of is.

It starts with a short downhill. Just to make you feel comfortable before you start dieing.

Just kidding. You don’t die. You only think that is next because you start climbing and it seems like it will never end. But once you reach the top of the mountain and you see yourself surrounded by greens and sharp rocks, the exhaustion is gone. There’s only peace and quiet in your brain. You feel free.


An exactly when you feel at your best, you realize the climb is done. Half of the race is done. For me, running down the mountain is a pain in the butt. Especially if I fall on a rock. Everybody passes me on the way down. I’m such a coward :)) But since I’m not racing to be on the podium, I take my time and descend as fast as I can. No rush though.


Look at that face up there. I could barely rise my arms or keep my eyes open. No idea why, because I was feeling great :)))

But here comes the finish. My face started to change and a more credible smile lights up my face.



After 4:32h I crossed the finish line. The timer started an hour earlier for Custura, the longer race.

3 years ago I first completed this race in 5:20h. Slower, but with a high dose of enthusiasm. Same as 2 years ago and now.  It might be the same race, but the way you feel is slightly different. Still as beautiful, but different. Depending who holds your hand at the end.

Congratulations to the organizers, photographers and volunteers. You did an awesome job! See you next year.

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