Romania 2017: Tusnad Marathon, 10th June

For the 3rd time, I participated to the Tusnad Marathon, in Harghita county, Romania.

tusnad marathon

It’s one of my favourite races, not just because the amazing views along the course and at the finish line, but also because the event is so well organized and everything goes smoothly.

The start is from a small touristic area, Tusnad and it goes all the way up to the one and only volcanic lake in Romania, Sfanta Ana (Saint Ana)

It was my first race this year in Romania, and after 8 months living in Florida I finally met my Transylvania Team and kicked ass!


…well, I actually didn’t, because in those 8 months I was training below the sea level. This marathon has a 900 meters ascendance in 23 km. This is also why is called a marathon, because even if is almost a half marathon, the effort is similar to running a full one (42km) So my training for this race was close to none. It was so hard for me to finish it, like that was my first race ever. My time was worse than 2 years ago when I first participated.

But thanks to my team, I had fun on the course. We ran together (I mean they ran with me, since I was the slower one)

We even made it to the website:




My favourite part was the food and water stops. I was eating lemons like chocolate! I never craved lemons so hard!


It is a really fun race, otherwise I wouldn’t be there every year. From place to place, near the water stops, there are kids playing instruments, which is a fun and entertaining thing. You can feel their support and also you can feel a boost in your run. Simply awesome 🙂


During the race, you cross 2 different counties: you start in Harghita, exit and enter Covasna county, then enter again in the Harghita county. This is the photo at the border:


Do you know what is also amazing? The hungarian goulash at the end of the race. If you feel you can’t finish the race, all you have to do is to think about that delicious and holy-smelling dish. Plus, a refreshing local beer. Yummy!

And if you can’t wait until the finish, at the 20th km you can see a nice old lady selling Kurtos kalacs:


The finish line is in a great location with kind of a breathtaking view. Once you finish the race and see the place, you will know you have to be back next year.


UBAO0756ULOG3552IMG_4016.JPGOh yes. And there’s the medal! Every year they strive to make the best medal. And they manage every year. Personally, I love it.


On 10th of June I had 99 problems and running WAS one of them. But I regret nothig.


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